New newspaper and more!


Hello! It’s me,Mario800123! I have the new newspaper today! Here it is! the front coverThe front cover shows all the main stories! igloothe

igloo contest starts Friday till Monday! newsThe Medieval Party has been extended! The book contest winners will also be announced May 29!

in focusThe In Focus feature talks about the Coffee shop!focus

aunt arcticAunt Arctic sure is getting some interesting questions! aunt arctic with tipsAnd that penguin has some good tips!

riddlesA good review of the party!

puffleA hard puzzle!

the eventsGreat poem,and all the events!

new comic!Hilarious comic!

And now for the update on the Club Penguin Community page! The new comic called “Extreme Comeback”.

funnyI know,its hilarious! And also the new penguin poll is here!

all new!I voted for the dragon! And theres a really cool background too!

new background!Its like a Fire Emblem theme.

Well that ends this post! Wait,I forgot something! Its the sneak peak for the furniture catalog tomorrow!


So you better save your coins for the igloo contest tomorrow! Well finally this ends the post. See ya!



One Response to “New newspaper and more!”

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